AI investor reviews 2020

It’s been a funny old year so far, and apparently it’s already time to start doing roundups. Last week AI investor Matt Turk produced his review of AI and data in 2020.

There are some interesting findings:

  • Data infrastructure tooling is getting more mature and stable. I think this only holds for BI and ‘analytics’. At the innovation coal face thing are very much in flux. Generally open source rules but there are few firm standards.
  • There is some useful stuff on orchestration engines. I will have a look at Prefect Dagster and Kedro.
  • NLP is big: Transformers all the way.
  • ML in production in enterprise is happening and maturing. I like this quote:

Just like “Big Data” before it, ML/AI, at least in its current form, will disappear as a noteworthy and differentiating concept, because it will be everywhere.

Have a look at the big picture of logos the end to see if your favourite data company is there!

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