Where's my self driving car!?

Over the last decade we have been promised self driving cars ‘soon’ - what’s going on?

AI pioneer Andrej Karpathy, Director of AI at Tesla, gives a fascinating talk at the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. Updating us on where they are. It has some interesting titbits:

➡ Using vision to predict depth and velocity. No need for RADAR or detailed 3D maps.

➡ Collecting huge volumes of data from Tesla fleet, labelling very well and carefully.

➡ Auto labelling as a good source of data. Using complex, slow models to build training data for lighter, more specialist models.

➡ Separate networks for each type of output - detection, attributes, kinematics, trajectory, etc.

➡ Nice release and validation process. Unit tests, shadow modes.

🛎️ Why this matters: An interesting look behind the scenes at Tesla, but full autonomy is still just over the horizon…

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