Applied AI is more like running a restaurant than boiling an egg

Using machine learning models in a business setting is very different from academia or Kaggle.

Instead of trying to work out HOW to do things, you often have to work out WHAT to do. According to a new article by Ines Montani at Explosion AI, applied ML is more like running a restaurant than knowing how to cook. When you cook, you need to know how to use equipment, work with ingredients and reproduce recipes. When you run a restaurant you need to know how to cook but you also need to select dishes that work well together, source ingredients, optimise profit and ensure reliability.

Applied ML is more about deciding what to cook, and less about how to cook it. This is something that doesnโ€™t tend to get taught and can take a long time to learn.

๐Ÿ›Ž๏ธ Why this matters: Applying technologies is the key to getting value from them. It is a separate skill from building and undertaking them.

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