Ortom provides a range of services, including but not limited to consultancy, contracts and training and recruitment.

Ortom can create a tailor-made package to suit your needs and requirements.

Get in touch today to start a conversation about how you can use data more effectively in your organisation.


Ortom can advise on data science, AI strategy and related topics. This can be particularly useful for companies with lots of data but no data scientists.

If your company is about to collect data and wants to make sure they get the right stuff, get in touch; I will be able to review your business objectives, look at your data and architecture, identify data science solutions and advise on the best way to implement.


Subject to availability, Ortom can provide data scientists to work for longer periods on specific data science projects for your organisation. These might include:

  • Building and deploying predictive machine learning models

  • Identifying customer segments and personalising marketing content

  • Building and deploying customer recommendation algorithms

  • Streamlining operations through the use of forecasting and optimisation

  • Using natural language processing to extract meaning from free text

Training and recruitment

Ortom can help you develop existing data science staff through training - particularly in statistics, applied data science, and R. We can also help you hire the best new data scientists - finding and sifting through candidates and assisting with the interview process.